July promotional offer ZODIAC
In July, ZODIAC offers you and your pets a sale on Tribal super premium kibble, DISCOUNTS on Adventuros and Calibra Joy treats and bargain prices on KONG collars and leashes.
We will delight cats with a 20% DISCOUNT on Pro Plan granules and a 15% DISCOUNT on pouches of the same brand. In addition to the Cozy Cat 10 l litter box, you will also receive a practical shovel with a stand. 😉 We offer selected play equipment for cats from Duvo+ and Ebi at a 30% discount.
And for every three selected All Animals cans for dogs or cats, you will receive a fourth FREE.
TIPS FOR SUMMER with pets:
Take 30% OFF all Canada Pooch dog cooling gear! Choose from cooling scarves, vests, harnesses, boots and hats. 
To make the summer heat more pleasant, we also offer Nobby pools, self-cooling mats and floating toys (also with a cooling effect). Are you going to the water or the sea with your dog? Get him a Canada Pooch life jacket.
Choose in our July flyer ➡️ https://1url.cz/@ZVEROKRUH_Akce_cervenec
Shop at unique prices! 😉

We will be happy to advise you on the selection directly in the store.
Your Zodiac Team

(The special offer is valid until 31 July 2024 or until stocks run out. More at www.zverokruh-shop.cz.)
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