Wines of domestic and international brands.

Víno Destiláty, the official name of VD Vinotéky s.r.o., brings together foreign and domestic winemakers. We try to connect the sale of wines with the expansion of general awareness of the types of wines and winemakers. Within the Czech Republic, we specialize in cooperation with Moravian winemakers. We are in close contact with each of our suppliers and take care of wine processing from its very beginning. That is why in our wine shops you will find a large number of wines that are awarded annually at wine competitions. We choose selected wines from the best winemakers for our exclusive V ;D collections.

Our stable suppliers of Moravian wines and sparkling wines include many quality winemakers. They are J. Dufek Winery, T. Krist Winery, P. Procházka Winery, Čech Winery, Baloun Winery, Volařík Winery, R2 Winery and M. Habřina Winery. Our international suppliers are Sektkellerei Szigeti, Möet Hennessy CR.

As the popularity of our products is constantly growing, our company has become the fastest growing chain of wine, sparkling wine and spirits stores in the Czech Republic. In 2014, we have more than 80 stores in the Czech Republic and 2 in Slovakia. In the future, we plan to open more stores to meet the demand for quality wine, sparkling wine and spirits.