Matysek grows like water. Every now and then, Mom has to buy him new T-shirts, shoes, and a toy here and there. And when household items are added to that… phew, that’s a bill! Fortunately, we have a great tip for Matýska's mother.

PEPCO offers a wide range of children's clothing and toys, women's and men's fashion, and an extensive selection of household accessories. In our stores you will also find bathroom equipment, kitchen utensils, pillows, decorative blankets and blankets, curtains, decorative items, cleaning tools, storage boxes, special seasonal products... There is truly something for everyone. And all this at the lowest prices.

If your little one changes the size of his t-shirt like on a treadmill or if you just want to make your home cozier with nice things, we would be happy to welcome you to PEPCO. A pleasant environment and even more pleasant prices await you.