The McPen stationery store network is an important distributor of most of the leading Czech and global manufacturers of school and office supplies. In its product portfolio, it also has an assortment of greetings and gift items, creativity, photo and accessories, party, picnic and luxury stationery.

In McPen stores, the customer can find brands such as Herlitz, Centropen, Koh-i-noor, Pentel, Pilot, Parker, Pelikan, Platignum, Stabilo, Pritt, Snopake, SusyCard, Albi, Argus, Belle Satin, Filofax, Maped, Bobo Blok, MFP.

In the country, the non-traditional concept of product presentation in clearly and clearly arranged categories of individual assortment groups is complemented by an emphasis on top customer service in the field of consulting.