June promotional offer ZODIAC


Get your dog a large pack (11.4 kg) of Carnilove True Fresh kibble and get a small pack (1.4 kg) for FREE. Take advantage of the 3 + 1 FREE Louie Tins, 2 + 1 FREE Brit Care Mini Pouches or 1 + 1 FREE Brit Meaty Jerky Herring Coins 50g Treats.


Cat owners will appreciate the 15% discount on Pro Plan cat pellets, the promotional price of CZK 15.90 on Groumet Gold canned goods or the 4 + 1 FREE promotion on Inaba Churu toppers.


You can also buy Arpalit hygiene products for dogs and cats at a good price.


Rabbit and guinea pig owners will receive 1.5kg of Supreme Selective Naturals grain-free pellets FREE of Selective Naturals 60g sticks and 10L more litter for the same price in a 25l pack of Cunipic Naturlitter litter.


OUR TIP: Protect pets from parasites with Advantix pipettes, which repel even stinging insects, and Advantage, safe even for pregnant and lactating females. Or buy Frontline Tri-Act spot-ons from 279 CZK against ticks, fleas, mosquitoes, phlebotomids and stable thistles.


Choose in our June flyer = https://1url.cz/@ZVEROKRUH_Akce_cerven


Shop at unique prices!


We will be happy to advise you on the selection directly in the store.


Your Zodiac Team


(The special offer is valid until 30/06/2024 or until stocks run out. More at www.zverokruh-shop.cz.)